Efficient and cost effective development is critical to the success of businesses and organizations.  Praxsys has decades of experience, and our tried and true process allows us to develop with flexibility and scalability.

 Praxsys isn’t focused on one problem but how that problem fits within the whole organization.  We seek to understand the “how and why” from a broad perspective, which allows us to provide far reaching and forward thinking solutions.

 We develop with a set of principles in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between cross functional teams.  This process focuses on adapting and iterating with rapid and flexible responses to change.


Legacy software MAINTENANCE

Maintaining legacy software is often critical to an organizations ongoing profitability while new software products are created. Praxsys partners with companies and organization to maintain and improve legacy software products so the organization can focus their development teams on new products and product roadmaps moving forward.

By collaborating with an organization’s internal software teams, and taking over legacy software development, long-standing partnerships are created to provide additional resources, not only for legacy software, but also best of class resources for future software products as well.

staff augmentation & Recruiting

The Praxsys Tech team believes strongly that our relationships with our clients are more than just business relationships, they are partnerships.  Business success is based on people, and Praxsys Tech specializes strictly in providing resources (whether recruiting or staff augmentation) to the cybersecurity industry.  We have developed a broad and deep base of candidates in the cybersecurity space and are a trusted partner to our clients.